Mission & Vision

Lunatus started with its vision to be one of the leading company distributing pharma, healthcare and beauty products in Sudan. This includes top quality scientifically supported ethical and premium brands from multinational manufactures.


we constantly strive to realize our vision by

Taking care of the customer. .. our overriding priority and concern in everything we do.
To offer our customers, world class medical products and services with optimal cost of ownership and true return on Investment, to enable them serve their own customers better and achieve a higher level of service
satisfaction, profitability and growth.
Exceeding customer expectations in terms of quality of products and services.
Developing a portfolio of cutting edge, emerging medical products.
Building close and effective partnerships and strategic alliances.
Empowering business with cutting edgemedical technology.
Customer Trust and Loyalty to help us to achieve constant growth and profitability in our operations.


The need for adopting quality in all processes, which alone can ensure satisfaction for all.
Demanding the best out of ourselves before asking others.
Perpetual improvement in everything we do.
Supporting learning at all levels by encouraging experimentation.
That we cannot prosper without contributing to the well being of the community in which we live and operate.
We will distinguish ourselves from other competitor by a strong technical expertise leading to valuable partnerships for both suppliers and customers.


Lunatus Medical Company is aims to establish itself as a forerunner in the supply of pharmaceuticals, whether it be on a local, national, or global level.
Lunatus Medical Company’s objective is tosource and supply medicines and medically related products quickly, efficiently, and without compromising quality of product or supply. Our priority is to ensure a satisfied customer or patient throughout the supply chain.
We have, through many years of national and international business, developed strengths and experience that are vital to our company objectives.

Our business objectives are:

  • Efficiency
  • Quick response
  • Competitive pricing
  • Fast Delivery